Meet Danielle of Simmworks Family Blog

Danielle Simmons

Danielle is a work-at-home-mom of two beautiful kids ages 2 and 4 and writes at the Simmworks Family Blog. She loves to blog about her family life in San Diego, the journey to healthy living, her family’s favorite recipes, going green, and crafting.

Meet Tiffany of Fabulous Mom Blog

Tiffany Cruz

Tiffany is a Mom. Wife. Digital influencer, and social media consultant. She’s a full-time family and lifestyle blogger from Louisiana, and the main voice behind Fabulous Mom Blog, where it’s Her Life. Her Story.

Here are 5 ways to learn more about Tiffany:

  1. I am a very devoted, and dedicated wife. I married my husband, Sean, in the winter of 2006. After being married in our home state of Virginia, we packed up what little possession we had and head for our new life together in Louisiana. So, here we are, over 7 years and 2 children later, trying to live our happy dream, one day at a time.
  2. I am also a very dedicated and proud mom of 2. Jasmine was born in the sweltering August heat back in 2007. She is starting first grade very soon and I couldn’t be any prouder of her. Our little surprise baby, Sean II, was also born in the dead of summer, August. He’s such a joy and I couldn’t imagine life without him. Both Jasmine and her bother, Sean make appearances on my blog. After all, Jasmine is the reason I first started blogging.
  3. I love being a blogger. I enjoy connecting with people and making new friends. I enjoy the chances to go on press trips and recently just went on my 2nd trip for Disney. Having the chance to work so close to Disney is a dream of mine, and it has finally come true. I grew up on Disney and sometimes think I love Disney more than my kids do.
  4. I’m passionate about social media and how it connects brands with people and how first building a relationship is key to any business’ success.
  5. I am totally addicted to Instagram (@FabMomBlog), Candy Crush Saga, and my iPhone never leaves her side. I recently switched and I am now a Mac girl. I don’t go anywhere without my MacBook Air.

I love how blogging has opened up so many doors for my family and I. I can stay home, work from the comfort on my little nook in my dining room and still be here at home to raise my kids. You can find Tiffany tweeting @FabMomBlog.

Meet Leanne of Rave & Review

Leanne Heilman

Balancing my love of exploring and traveling with my inner homebody, I’m a mom to two adorable children and wife to an amazing man who loves adventures as much as I do. Here are 5 quick things about me:

  1. Mom. Being a mom has been the most amazing experience I could have ever imagined. It may have its daily challenges of messes, meltdowns and mayhem, but I have grown so much in the past 5 years as I’ve watched my kids blossom into independent little kids filled with love and joy.
  2. Photographer. I’ve always loved photography since I was a little girl and I would visit my grandfather’s photo studio to watch him work. While he would shake his head at the fact that I have transitioned to mostly digital formats now, he would be really proud that I earned my Fine Arts Degree in Photography only months after I graduated high school.
  3. Wife. In 2004, I married my high school sweetheart after 7 years of dating. This year I officially have been with him over half of my life, and I couldn’t be happier.
  4. Travel. Always on the hunt for an adventure, my little family has been all over Europe, into Africa and Canada, and is well-traveled in the US, especially the Pacific Northwest where we live with our extended families.
  5. Blog. I started Rave & Review with my husband in 2008 as way to share with family and friends all the gadgets we had collected in our first few months as parents. In the past five years it has grown in ways we never imagined and we have had the opportunity to test everything from baby gear to sports equipment to household appliances and more.

I have partnered with many brands as an ambassador and social media consultant and have contributed to three books currently in print, including a recipe and original photographs in the Baby Brezza cookbook. I am a regular contributor for many sites including the PTPA Panel of Moms, Red Tricycle, and, as well as numerous blogs.

Meet Staci of 7 on a Shoestring


Blogging became a portal to the “outside world” for me and I have grown because of it. I have traveled from coast to coast… both with brands and independently.

For example, Honda started my love for press trips and Disney fueled it even more. CES 2012 and BlogHer’12 both encouraged me to continue to step outside my shell and furthered my online relationships.

My comfort zone is no more and I am passionate about Social Media, networking through relationships, and, most of all, supporting others.

I even got my husband on board with blogging and you can find him over at Days of a Domestic Dad.

Meet Mariah of Formula Mom

Meet Mariah aka Formula Mom

A little bit of mom added to wife and special education teacher is the formula for Mariah, aka Formula Mom! Here are 5 quick ways to learn more about me!

  1. Mom. I became a mom in December 2010 when my little man, W, was born. Just days before he was born I also completed my Master’s of Education in Educational Administration. Oh, and I got my Christmas presents all wrapped on time too!
  2. Teacher. I’ve just started my 8th year teaching public elementary school. I’m teaching special education preschool this year!
  3. Wife. I met my husband J on and we got married in July 2008 after dating for 2 years. We’re proof that internet dating can work! I did have to go on my share of bad dates before I finally got lucky!
  4. Family. Our little family is rounded out by my mother (who is a blessing to us all) and our 2 dogs. It’s a busy home but we wouldn’t have it any other way. I never expected to be living with such a large family but it has been an amazing experience and a great way to raise W! It does have its challenges too.
  5. Blog. I started Formula Mom in March 2011 as way to share what was working for me as a mother and what was not working. I had so many plans and some of them have worked out perfectly while others have thrown me for a bit of a loop. One day I finally came to the realization that parenting was about figuring out a formula that works for your family and Formula Mom was born!

As a content creator and brand promoter, my work has appeared at PTPA Blogaholics, Gift Caddie, Word of Mom and Word of Mom News, and Pampers Pregnancy. I am an experienced Brand Ambassador and Twitter Party host/panelist. Brands I have worked with include Munchkin, Sony, Disney, Skype, Hormel, and Move100.

In May 2012, I established the Noise Girls. We are a small group of female bloggers dedicated to raising brand awareness by combining our reach and our voices. I’m also a co-owner of and Mommy Mindset Media. I have a passion for word of mom marketing and social media outreach!

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